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What is SAP SuccessFactors?

SAP SuccessFactors is a global provider of cloud-based human resource software and fully integrated human capital management (HCM) systems. It covers everything from core HR, payroll, and people analytics, to the four pillars of talent management: recruiting, learning and development, compensation, and performance management. SAP SuccessFactors has more than 100 million active users in 60 industries and in more than 200 countries and territories – and our services are translated into 42 languages.

SAP SuccessFactors helps companies of all sizes to improve employee engagement, productivity and team performance:

Core HR Systems
Workforce Planning
Performance & Goals
Succession & Development
Time and Attendance Management


Payroll123 is a cloud-based technology solution, developed to manage your company's Payroll processes in an automated way. Its payment engine is solid, flexible and easy to operate, guaranteeing the fulfillment of the commitment of the organization with its collaborators and external suppliers.

Adapted to the continuous improvement of the processes, its Multilayer functionality allows you to update in minutes, the changes arising in the national and international legislatures, the benefits, and internal regulations of your organization.

Payroll123 has continually demonstrated its high level of scalability and reliability, producing excellent results and increasing organizational efficiency, thanks to its secured payment system.

Supported by AWS Cloud Platform, we provide you with a private platform, 100% Fault-Tolerant, secure, and at your reach 24/7, which has been successfully used by hundreds of thousands of customers globally, including huge corporations such as SAP, allowing your organization to save high costs in the acquisition, operation, and maintenance of physical infrastructure.

Implement Payroll123 and position your payment system amongst the most advanced and reliable applications in the productive sector.

Features to improve your services
High efficient Multilayer System: Scalable scope among countries, companies, currencies, languages and payroll.
The most accurate payment engine: Automatic Payment Calculation for the concepts of Income, Deductions, Holidays, Loans, and Extra Hours of Work of your collaborators.
Payments are safely checked: Allows the issuance of Pay Slips by different methods, such as through the Collaboration Portal, Email, and Printed Sheet.
Generate your reports: Cluster the reports of Payroll, Internal statistics, and Audits.
Up to date on government regulations: Legal compliance of your company based on national and international legislation.
Integrate your systems: Complete Integration with SAP products such as SAP SuccessFactors, SAP S/4 HANA, SAP ERP, SAP by Design and SAP Business One, to increase the control of all your HCM systems.


Time&Attendance123 is a cloud-based application created to improve your workforce performance by tracking your associates’ activities and leaves of absence.
Time should be appreciated as one of the most important assets in an organizational culture; time never loses its value or significance, but it does change its economic worth for each stakeholder. So make every minute count!
Our app can fully automate your time management processes to look at the entire workflow from start to finish. This will optimize your HR services, reduce labor costs, and increase every associate’s satisfaction.
Lead your organization and control its steps.
Features to improve your services

Cloud Deployment: Our powerful, reliable, and secure cloud-based platform provides you 24/7 availability, without investments in new infrastructure for data warehousing.
Associates Scheduling: Manage fixed and rotating shifts by empowering your associates with our automated scheduling solution.
Ensure Time Worked: Compatibility with attendance tracking device brands such as Anviz, Fingertec, Biotrack, and ZKTeco and more. Support for several technologies including biometric data capture like face recognition and fingerprint.
Automated Time and Attendance Management: Once you capture the clock-in/out of the associate, the system will be able to calculate the time worked.
Real-time Insight into Associates Labor: We deliver real-time data about your workforce activities to control, analyze, plan and develop new strategies.
Integration: Our technology is 100% integrated with ERP Systems and with SAP products such as SAP SuccessFactors, SAP S/4 HANA, SAP ERP, SAP by Design and SAP Business One.

Expand the benefits in your organization
Higher Productivity: Improve your organization’s productivity through an automated work time tracking system.
Performance and Control of Labor Cost: Time and attendance reports will help you to maintain the proper balance, between labor and quality, to control the workforce costs and productivity.
Manage the time of work: Managers and supervisors will be better at problem-solving of their associates work time.
Compliance with Policies and Regulations: Fulfill compliance with changing laws, global and local requirements that governs the payment of overtime, absences, vacation, sick days and holidays.


Integration Broker is a cloud-based integration platform. It provides simple, yet effective tools to integrate SuccessFactors modules to other software applications.
It comes with pre-packaged integration templates for other products such as SAP FI module, NetSuite, Microsoft Dynamics and others. Additionally, the Integration Broker provides you with the tools to create integration to in-house systems easily, either via Web Services (if available) or flat-file imports.

Open your doors to our technology and accelerate your corporate growth.

Features to improve your services:

Works under S/4 HANA platform: Leverages world-class security and reliability from SAP servers, under the HANA Cloud Platform (HCP).
Includes HCM123 Console: HCM123 API Console is a graphic interface that allows those users who work with integrations, to explore and test data interactions.
Robust Data Security: When using an API, a limited access to the database is given through the web service, avoiding access to the original application's source code, thus controlling the data and its confidentiality.
Open to multiple programming languages: Our Software Development Kits are designed for some of the most popular programming languages, such as JAVA, Python, PHP, .NET, Ruby, and others. Our Web Services are REST compliant.

Expand the benefits in your organization:

An API is an "access key" to functions that allows secure use of a web service provided by a third party, inside of a proprietary application.
It contains all the necessary information to work with integrations between systems.
Many web services available: Integration Broker includes web services for any HR data interaction between two systems, such as loans, cafeteria discounts, employee pictures, relatives, benefits, and more.
Software Development Kit: Integration Broker also contains a set of software tools in different programming languages with practical examples that will help accelerate integration efforts.
Are you ready for a Win-Win relationship ?